Potty Mouths: All About Getting Started

All About Getting Started

Tips and tricks for starting to practice elimination communication.

Wow! Over 24 hours with no misses!

I broke my washing machine last week.

So I’ve been doing lots and lots of nakey butt time to avoid laundry.  Now, at some stages nakey butt time increases laundry because misses often require a prefold for mopping up and maybe washing a blanket or mat or whatever gets peed on.  But at some point, nakey butt means more communication and more potty use and less in-trainer misses because I’m not tuning out.  We’re there.

I’m doing exciting things like pulling out medium trainers from our stash because they really really don’t fit anymore (finally….).  Two weeks ago, I’d be heading to the laundromat because I needed to do trainer laundry.  Now, I’m just bringing a few loads when I’m heading to town anyway, and putting a few trainers in each load.

Since beginning writing this, we did have 2 poop misses.  Henry is really not into pooping anywhere but his trainers right now!

Potty Mouths: 02 - Host Introductions continued

02 - Host Introductions continued

emiLy and Keila continue to introduce themselves.

emiLy’s Favorite EC Pants waterproof cloth training pants

Infant sized Prefold Cloth Diaper


Baby Bjorn Little Potty

Lots of cloth trainers!

DiaperFreeBabyOnline  - chats available twice a month

Potty Mouths: 01 - Host Introductions

Potty Mouths: 01 - Host Introductions

emiLy’s store - The EC Store

Embarrass, MN


Keila’s site - Born to Potty

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Babywearing Yahoo! Group  ( The Babywearer is a more popular babywearing resource these days.)

Kozy Carrier

Kelley Mason’s Enter Gently site

The picture we talk about in this episode:
Jane at 15 months wearing lots of wool!

Free to EC (one of the earliest EC web sites)


The “Big EC List”

Cloth Diapers!

Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Fleece Pouch

(we didn’t talk about this, but we like this pouch too)
Mom and Me Creations Organic Hemp Fleece Pouch

Our podcast about Elimination Communication!

Introducing Potty Mouths, the podcast for Elimination Communication!  We have been having so much fun recording, and are extremely excited to share the first few episodes with you now!

Join us as we discuss all aspects of infant potty training, conduct interviews with other ECing parents, and share core EC tips and tricks in shorter, focused “All About” episodes too!

Potty Mouths is brought to you by The EC Store and Born to Potty.

Happy Pottying!

-emiLy & Keila

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Potty Mouths: All About Cold Weather

Potty Mouths: All About Cold Weather

Things we talk about in this episode:

Open Crotch Wool Leggings

Smartwool Baby / Toddler Socks - The socks and booties on this page have rubber grippies on the bottom.

Smartwool Kid Socks - The socks on these pages do not have rubber grippies.  In my experience, the size XS does fit shoe size 6-8.5.  Look here for seconds and overstocks of Smartwool socks.  I also like Fox River Mills socks, but their smallest size, XS, is not as small - it fits size shoe sizes 7-11.5.

BabyLegs / Huggalugs leg and arm warmers

Wool Blanket / bed pad

Potty Turtleneck

Prefold Belts

Fleece bunting with zip in crotch - I can not find any.  If you know of a brand that has this, let me know. I  have older ones that are Patagonia and LLBean but neither of these brands have zip-in-crotch ones now as far as I can tell. Patagonia does have one that you can zip the legs together or apart - this may work, but is for very small babies that I wouldn’t potty outdoors anyway.

Potty Mouths: All About Laundry

Potty Mouths: All About Laundry

Things we talk about in this episode:

Cloth Trainers

Cloth Wipes

Wet Bags

Wool Wet Bag

Allen’s Naturally Laundry Liquid and Powder

biokleen Premium Laundry Powder

Potty Music

If you have been to any DiaperFreeBabyOnline chat meetings lately, you may have heard me say that I do NOT enjoy this stage of EC.  There are SO many things going on, like teething, mobility changes, and communication jumps.  My kids seem to hit this stage in stride by refusing potty offers and little concern with wet pants.  It seems like all of the fun has hit some new stage.  Yet, it can be difficult not to take such refusals and disinterest to heart.

Fortunately for me, I recently found myself enjoying a quiet moment with my son sitting for our morning potty.  He was mainly sitting with interest because I had a loud rattle in my hand as I played some fancy music.  But there he was sitting on a potty with a basic understanding of why he was sitting on the potty.  It wasn’t new.  It wasn’t the first time.  It was routine.  We sit on the potty several times a day to take care of business.  At 14 months now, he is just adorable!

So, sometimes our business is just reading and playing music, and sometimes we do get pees and poos in the potty.  But I have learned to really appreciate these special moments that we have gotten to share together.


Potty Mouths: All About Travel

Potty Mouths: All About Travel

Baby Bjorn Little Potty

Wool Mat

Potty Turtlenecks

Ziploc container

Potty Bowl

17 months diaper free time

Not sure why, just left the trainers off today.  Henry had a bit of poop in his diaper this morning, and I wanted the rest of this poop on the kitchen floor instead of smashed in a trainer.  So I left them off.

He peed on the kitchen counter once.

He pooped some on the kitchen floor.

He peed in a potty - self-initiated, just sat down and peed.

He pooped fully on the carpet - not a big deal to clean, just picked up and rubbed with a baby wipe.

He peed in the potty again, self-initiated!

I peed him into the sink before we took a nap.

Slept for 2.5 hours, both of us, him diaper free.  We woke up and I was groggy, but he didn’t pee until I brought him out and peed him in the sink.  That was pretty cool.

I put trainers and pants on him to go outside, and got distracted visiting with a neighbor and helping my husband with a project.  Henry was wet when I checked his trainers probably 1.5 hours later, maybe longer.  We came inside and I left trainers off him.

A little while later, my husband peed him in the sink and put trainers on him.  I nursed him to sleep with those trainers on, and he just woke up and didn’t want to pee so I nursed him back to sleep naked.

So, one pair of wet trainers, one puddle on the counter, and poop to pick up off the carpet.   Not bad really.  The poop on the carpet, while it sounds and seems really gross, and is pretty gross, is, in my opinion, still better than poop in a diaper or trainer.  We’re at the point that poop is solid, easy to pick up, and the fewer times it ends up in trainers, the better.  We’ve got to start talking about it as it’s happening, and this is the only way I think it’s going to happen!

Having the potty out where he sees it and having him naked makes a big difference!  (Quite possibly the most obvious statement about EC ever.)