Corny Snarts

So, yesterday was the first day that I wore my jeans after having my third child . . .you know that getting into your jeans thing that feels so good after giving birth. I was excited when I put them on to go out for dinner last night. They felt even better today after a bit of stretching – LOL. I was thinking about wearing them for the rest of the week they felt so good. Well, until this afternoon. . . when, unfortunately they got pooped on!! So, in the laundry they went. Who knows when I will see them again?

Anyway, I don’t usually get pooped on, and it really was only a snart. My only full-fledged pooped on was by Helen, but that is another story all together. This time though, I simply misjudged a snart, and with great sadness I stripped off those amazing jeans to stain treat (Bac-out rocks) and throw them in the laundry. So back in my mom pants I went - you know those stretchy knit pants that fit at all stages.

So want to know what a snart is? I know you do!! A snart is basically a wet fart. I mentioned we went out to dinner last night, right? Well, we went and ate Mexican food. There are limited places that we eat out because we (me and the kids) stay gluten (wheat) and dairy free. If you hold the cheese and use corn tortillas, Mexican restaurants usually work well for us. But, I have suspected that our newest baby, Ross – 2 months old, is sensitive to corn. Really, all of us could be sensitive to corn, as I sometimes prefer denial to dietary changes. So, I ate corn chips last night . . . and like the other times that I have eaten corn, the next day was filled with snarts by my son.

I really could make this story even funnier (ok, more gross depending on your sense of humor), but I am not yet comfortable giving you *that* kind of information. ;-) I will probably enter my phase of denial again soon, and when I start bitching about what happens when I eat corn again, please don’t remind me that, “I told you so!”

I really would love to have somebody explain to me what is happening to the digestion system when it starts producing snarts, anyone out there know?


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