Trainers – for the third time – Potty on!!

So, I am using some of my cloth for the third time now. It is a wonderful way to help our children learn to potty. By the third time around, most of my trainers look worn. But, they still look good, if not great. And they all work well. I have favorites, but those change during different stages. My kids’ sizes range from medium to huge. My second child needed more mediums, and my third child needs more larges. We switched to trainers full-time at 4 months with him, and he never really fit well in mediums, much less smalls! So, I ordered some more larges, and I have plenty to go long periods between washings.

We are cruising along with the EC thing – we love it. I recently did a 6 month update, and you can read it here: Born to Potty - DS1, 6 month update. We are getting ready to do some extensive travelling, and I am excited to pack the cloth.  It is funny now to realize that at one time the thought of “cloth diapers” horrified me!!  Now, the thought of the money that I almost wasted buying all that trash is the horrifying thought!

Potty on!  Keila

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