Back in the Nighttime EC Saddle

The past few nights, Henry and I spontaneously decided we were both going to Make The Effort. He woke dry; I woke at all. It may have something to do with the following:

  1. his top two teeth broke through the gums, apparently giving him some relief and ability to sleep for reasonable amounts of time
  2. the disposable diapers left over from our trip several weeks ago are finally used up
  3. with the teething and both he and Delia having slight colds, I’ve been forced to join one or both of them in bed earlier and for longer, meaning I’m more rested and able to think clearly enough to realize he might need to pee.

With Delia, I was always a great Nighttime EC’er. I was awake most of the time she slept, and generally got enough sleep so that I easily woke and pottied her when she needed it. With Henry I don’t get as much sleep and Nighttime EC is something I let slide. But, we’re back in the saddle and I better hit the hay now to have a chance of catching his pees tonight!

Happy Pottying!


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