Road Trip!

daddy-potties-ella-rose.JPGThis is actually a photo from December, when Baby was just 2 months old, but it’s a foreshadow of times to come. She’ll be taking her first road trip this week. We’ll be travelling for the better part of 17 hours over two days. I do love outdoor pottying, but I have to admit that it was much easier with boys–none of that whole wiping business, ugh. It’s pretty cold where we’re heading (Chicago), so that ought to make things interesting, too. I’ll make sure to report back how it all works out!



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  1. Aw!!! How precious!

    With Delia, I usually “blotted” her on the knee/thigh area of my pants before pulling her pants back up.

    I look foward to outdoor pottying with a standing boy. In-arms boy pottying is tricky for me, but in late March I am headed south so I will be able to try freestanding tree-portunities then!

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