Thinking about traveling

In less than a week, I’m flying from Chicago to Tampa with a layover in Atlanta.  It’ll be me, my four year old daughter, my seven month old son in my lap, and a three month old kitten.  Without a doubt, it’ll be the biggest adventure my holiday season.

I’d been planning to use a few disposables on Henry during this trip - probably at night while in other people’s beds, and definitely on plane travel days.

Then I was talking with my husband about how I was going to deal with the kitten’s elimination needs on this travel day.  I haven’t worked it out exactly, but I’ll do something with litter in a bag, a tupperware container, and dumping into airport bathroom garbage cans.

So, tonight I realized the sick irony of the situation.  I’m planning a multi-part pottying solution for this kitten (and sure, Trixie’s cute, but still).  Yet I’m going to strap a toilet to my darling SON?  Nope, don’t think so.

I’m going for it.  The whole trip w/ no sposies.  I did this with my daughter all the time.  I resorted to disposables during our trip in October, but we were still in the process of moving and I didn’t have as many training pants.

I’ll bring 8-10 pairs of waterproof EC Pants, 2-3 pairs of extra pants, and a big wet bag.  I’ll use the wet bag as a potty at our seats on the plane - I love that trick with boys!

I’m excited about this little challenge I’ve laid out for myself.  I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes…

Happy Pottying!


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