Update on Fiona’s naps, 2 weeks of trainers

So Fiona has been wearing trainers, Poquito Pants, for her naps for 2 weeks now in the hopes that she would start waking up dry and holding her pee for the potty.  She’s 20 months old and my older daughter started waking up dry from her naps spontaneously around 22 months old.  In 14 days of trainers we’ve had 2 days of waking up dry, AND CRABBY!  Yikes!  But she wakes up crabby when she’s wet her training pants too.  And when she wakes up crabby from her nap, she’s crabby for the rest of the afternoon till she goes to bed.  Clearly she’s not getting enough sleep.  We are tempted to forget the trainers and go back to diapers for another month for naps.  I do catch the morning wake up pee (even though she sleeps in a sposie overnight) about 75% of the time and she’s not crabby in the morning generally.  Sometimes her wet napping diaper is as heavy as her overnight wet diaper!  I do get her to pee right before her nap 95% of the time too.  Hummmmm……..

 This pee pattern isn’t new at all.  I think I’m just trying to push Fiona to “grad-hood” earlier than Grace did.  So maybe I need to back off.  Maybe I’ll giver her another week of trainers.  Hummmm…..  Maybe I just need to push forward and not look back and kick diapers for naps for good.  I’m still thinking this out…….


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  1. I can’t help but ask, what does she eat for breakfast and lunch? Was it different the days that she woke up dry? The volume sounds quite large and suspicious, IMO. But, I know that you know where I am going with this!

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