emiLy’s Introduction

emiLy, Henry & Delia, August 2007I own The EC Store. I have a daughter, Delia, who was born in October 2003. I learned about EC on Kelley Mason’s (inventor of the Kozy Carrier) Enter Gently site when Delia was 8 weeks old and started right away.

I learned about The EC Store the next summer - oddly enough when I was shopping for a clip-on high chair. I became friends with the then-owner after I got over the shock of “The EC Store” existing without me knowing about it! I installed and customized the shopping cart for the store in exchange for credit, and continued to work closely with the owner. After several months, she was moving and decided it was time to be a full-time mom to her growing family. I jumped at the chance to “take over” the store and it’s been one of the best things to happen to me. My husband and have always worked from home, but The EC Store was a perfect way for me to keep working while feeding my “extreme-parenting” obsession.

I’ll go into more detail on this, but Delia’s EC Journey was most notably affected by her sensitivity to dairy and blueberries. We struggled with infrequent pooping, leading to witholding and ultimately solved the problem with diet modification - no prescriptions needed!

I have a son, Henry, born May 2007. As much as Delia (and before her, our animals) taught my husband and I about ourselves, Henry is teaching us too. How to settle in, relax, and enjoy what comes.

My husband, Ryan, and I both work from our home on a small hobby farm in northeastern Minnesota. We have three inside cats, two dogs, some chickens and barn cats.

To answer the question I get asked most often: the capital L in my name has no big meaning. I used to write it like that in school, and when I first started participating on internet email lists, I started “signing” my name this way to differentiate myself from other Emilys. (Yes, that is the most common question I get!)

Happy Pottying!


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