Freddy’s introduction

Hi and thank you very much for letting me post here.

I’m Freddy from Germany and I’ve got 3 children that have been ec-ed - even the third is pretty much done with it now, which is a bit sad… Yes, EC makes you look forward to “potty training” while pregnant and you’ll miss it, when you are done!

I started EC with my oldest, when he was 2 months old, started with my daughter, when she was a day old and caught her first pee on her 3rd day. My youngest insisted on me taking him to the toilet for his first poop at 3.30 am when he was a mere 5 hours old. He refused to go back to sleep before I dragged myself out of bed, took his diaper off and had him poop into the toilet… :)

After only 2 months experience in exclusive diapering and years of experience with EC, it is really hard for me to understand how most people can believe that babies have no elimination control and awareness for years!

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