Newborn Junkie ;-)

So, I admit it . . . I *LOVE* the newborn stage. EC from birth to 2 months is amazing, in my opinion. It is in many ways easier for me because there are so few things that a baby that age needs. A newborn needs to pee, poop, nurse and sleep, all in the comfort of mainly mama’s arms. I mean, half of the needs are elimination, so I find the signaling fairly easy to interpret. And it doesn’t take many cycles of potty, nurse or sleep to figure out which one it is. I think it is safe to say that I am now exiting that blissful stage . . . my baby is no longer a newborn. Somehow, he seems to have more and different needs. He seems a bit more complex. Sure, he is more interactive now which presents another set of joys. But, I just want to let everyone out there know that newborn EC can be an amazing and rewarding journey!

On to our next adventure . . . travel while EC’ing. Our bags are packed, including all of our cloth! I will post next week about our holiday EC’ing fun.


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