Buying WAHM EC Baby Pants or Training Pants? 10 Aspects to Consider When Shopping…

Training pants and EC baby pants add to your confidence when helping your baby or toddler wean to regular underwear during your EC journey. There is something oh-so-cute about a baby in regular-looking underpants, with the added bit of wettness protection!

Training or Learning pants are simple to pull up and down, offer the toddler access to earlier independence, and are very convenient to switch when there are no change facilities available.

They prevent puddles, feel like regular underwear and look great. They have little bulk, and can go in the regular wash as generally by this time you are managing wet items only.

They usually work out much cheaper than cloth nappies or diapers, and as the aim with EC if for your baby to spend as little time as possible in wet pants, the need for quick changing is a bonus to your ECing.

There are many types of ready made (in stock), custom or hand-made training pants now available for the EC’ing baby or toddler. Specialist varieties are available for families practicing Elimination Communication (EC) or Infant Potty Training in smaller sizes. In this case, look for unique adaptations for baby pottying access. They are easily removed or partially open for potty access, simpler changing, or easier drying.

Consider These 10 Features When Selecting the Right Training Pants for Your Family:

  1. Waterproof pants, perhaps lined with laminated fabric (PUL), boost your confidence on outings
  2. Non-waterproof trainers, perhaps for when at home help you know just when a wetting occurs for feedback, reminders and a quick change
  3. Training pants with sewn in sides are the most like regular underwear. Look for varieties that have an elastic fabric side for easier pulling up and down action for a youngster, making it easier when they want to do it all themselves!
  4. Snap fastenings last longer, so a better environmental choice for training pants, and will last for all your children. Pants with ’snapping’ sides help in case of poo accidents- they easy to remove quickly with less smearing
  5. Thicker polar fleece pants delay wettness wicking onto other clothing. Polar fleece is made from recycled plastic bottles, so a choice mindful of the Earth. Though of course wicking means it’s time to change!
  6. Wool is absorbent. It remains warm if wet, is very natural and may also be hand knitted or crochet for a specialty fashionable one-of-a-kind choice
  7. Organic Hemp or Bamboo are more ecologically sustainable materials. Organic Cotton is also a better option environmentally
  8. Touch-tape fastenings are quick to put on - look for pants with ‘laundry tabs’ to prevent snags in the wash
  9. Some trainers have built-in booster padding or you can choose to add inserts for more absorbency, like with a pocket nappy or diaper. With removable padding you can use them simply as lightly padded underwear later - for the little “Uh- Oh’s” on the way to the toilet independence, for whatever myriad reasons these occur.
  10. A pair of woollen undies can be used as a cover for over small underwear, or as pants by themselves. They give variety in that stage of weaning to regular underwear, while still feeling the need for confidence with a little added protection in case of an accident. In the same way, a woolen soaker can be used over regular underwear for the same little confidence boost.

As you can see, there are lots of choices these days. Options to tailor to the needs of your family from price, baby or toddler confidence and dexterity, the confidence level of your child’s carers, or your environmental concerns.

Commercial varieties are often are pretty poor at puddle catching, as well as being ‘crinkly’ with plastic liners. Disposable training pants, well they just extend the time your child is wearing one-use underwear! Support a local work-at-home-parent for the smallest environmental impact and for supporting local businesses as well.

Look into cloth, washable and reusable training pants! You now know all the things to consider to make an informed choice.

  Where to shop for your Reusable Cloth EC Baby Pants and Training Pants? Visit this Visual Directory to begin your research!


P.S. I can personally recommend OneWet Pants, Bongo Baby Pants, EcaPants, Favourite EC Pants and Poquito Pants. I use and love them all for a variety of reasons! Beauty, comfort, confidence, compact storage and transport, ease of use, convenience when out and about, smaller washing load, peace of mind… I have some Continuum Family Trainers on order as well.

 Which styles of EC Baby Pants or trainers do you like to use and why?

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