Proto-sounds and proto-words at four months?

Wow, I have been paying close attention and focussing on Jett’s ‘proto sounds’ (early vocalisations / communications) for a while - in little ‘practice windows’ when we are together and focussed on each other and feeling quite connected.

Just now (I was asleep having a nap nurse with him before this) I awoke to him cooing and gooing at me and we had giggle-chats for a while. Then we were hanging out and I thought I heard him ’say’ ‘a-weeee’, so I got his bucket, showed him, and he did a wee! Then looked in great delight at his tinkle.

Was it a proto-word? We’ll have to see, and keep practicing in these moments together. Jett is four months old.

We are frequently working on ‘Milk-milk’ (+sign/point) and ‘Wee-wee’ (+sign/point) when the opportunity arises, and I am aiming to listen carefully to his proto-talking in context for communications. So, this means when he is otherwise signalling with his body language (such as frantic leg kicking, squirming, ’shouting’), I’ll observe for these sounds when responding to him. Another part of it is mimicking any of these sounds that he makes.

Even when he was tiny, his ‘word’ seemed to be “Erh” for needing to go. So I also use that sound/word.

I figure - it’s all communication, so it’s all good time well spent!



P.S This page on Part Time Diaper Free talks about my experiences with Baby Sign Language and EC, and includes a bunch of ’sign’ choices, some of my insights learnt with Maven, and 5 tips for getting started using sign language in your EC journey.

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