Baby Wearing and EC - a great ‘tool’ for using less diapers!

I’d like to know your experiences of baby wearing and EC. For me, it is just fantastic at getting the whole ‘EC Thang’ going on so easily.

With Maven I used a Ring Sling from about 7 months, and learning about the ‘Chi Pee’ was an astounding turning point for me. Before then we used pouches mainly in the cradle position, so less conducive to sign spotting at a high level. I was able to notice the ‘wriggly’ signs from about 3-4 months and that was very exciting to get right!

Here’s the story:

Each day we walked to the local Shopping Mall. There were about 5 really good Parent Rooms, so we could just range around the store and nip into a Parent Room quite easily. So this is where I practiced first using OneWet Pants when we transitioned out of nappies, and later in going nappy-free totally. That’s this story, so back to it!

I remember I had him in the red ring sling I made out of a single bed cover. He was naked on his bottom half and seated on my hip. I was wandering about, when I felt this warm sensation on my hip and went “Darn! how did I miss that?” and went to the Parent Room to put some OneWets on. But… there was no wetness! I pulled him out and held him over the sink (they have these big ones I guess for impromptu baby washing) and a big wee came out! I was so proud of myself, and in awe at this experience that I had heard about yet not recognised until now.

From then on, having him nakey bottom in the sling was how we went about things - it meant I knew straight away when he needed to go, and it was very quick to pop him out and in for a tinkle wherever we were. (Meaning a toilet and not needing to use a change-table) If he was to have independent time, I popped his OneWets on, for protection of surfaces in case of the accidents that were more likely with crawling and simply the distance of independent time.

 I’ve more information about Baby Wearing and EC here, including 7 of my insights into EC and wearing my babies.

 With Jett, I have had the awarenesses that I developed over time with Maven right from the start, so I recommend reading a bit more about this ‘EC Tool’ to benefit from baby wearing from as early as possible!


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