Wheat sensitivity - causing weeing incontinence.

Maven was sensitive to wheat. If I had *too much*, he would pee like a fountain for several hours.

 One particular time when he was about 9 or 10 months old, I had wholemeal pancakes that I had made in a sour-dough style, thinking perhaps that would help. Well, and at first he would signal well (the first time he used sign language for ‘toilet’ was during this Pee Fountain Event), then he would get overwhelmed and stop signalling as there was just so much weeing going on - it would happen every 10 minutes!

This was the first and last time I tried wholemeal pancakes, I can tell you! In the end he actually hid under the table to wee as he was so distressed. We put pants on after that for a few hours, as the ‘Pee Fountain Events’ would pass in a few hours time, or by the next morning.

This incident was basically one of the last where I overloaded on wheat. I went onto rice-everything and it was great, and only started introducing it all much later. It appears at the moment (he is 3 and a half now) that he tolerates it quite well.

I’ve a bit more information about EC and Introducing Foods  here, including some resources I found helpful.

Fed Up with Food Additives is well worth a look.

It’s an Australian Resource, there is this little list of additives to print out and take shopping or have on the fridge when learning (or if you keep forgetting like me!)


P.S I would love to start collecting a few stories about Food Reactions and EC and make a special page about them, as I’m sure it’s behind a good number of issues people have with their EC Journey.

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