How Do Other Families Practice Elimination Communication?

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 Discover great new tips on how to do Baby Pottying by learning from the stories of families practicing EC part time, full time or casually.
 From one baby to eight children, people are incorporating some EC into their days to reduce waste, save money and reduce washing!
 From New […]

Why Does Baby Wearing Make Baby Pottying or Elimination Communication Easier?

3 Ways Carrying and Wearing Your Baby Helps You to Reduce Your Diaper or Nappy Use…
Wearing your baby helps to turn on your ‘baby radar’, making you more aware of the subtle body language of your precious baby.
You can use this awareness to gradually reduce your use of diapers or nappies when practicing a little […]

Buying WAHM EC Baby Pants or Training Pants? 10 Aspects to Consider When Shopping…

Training pants and EC baby pants add to your confidence when helping your baby or toddler wean to regular underwear during your EC journey. There is something oh-so-cute about a baby in regular-looking underpants, with the added bit of wettness protection!