Baby Wearing and EC - a great ‘tool’ for using less diapers!

I’d like to know your experiences of baby wearing and EC. For me, it is just fantastic at getting the whole ‘EC Thang’ going on so easily.
With Maven I used a Ring Sling from about 7 months, and learning about the ‘Chi Pee’ was an astounding turning point for me. Before then we used pouches […]

Wheat sensitivity - causing weeing incontinence.

Maven was sensitive to wheat. If I had *too much*, he would pee like a fountain for several hours.
 One particular time when he was about 9 or 10 months old, I had wholemeal pancakes that I had made in a sour-dough style, thinking perhaps that would help. Well, and at first he would signal well […]

EC Pants - Where to get them?

EC Pants Directory
I’ve put this together as a helpful resource for when you want to transition out of diapers or nappies.
EC Pants are just a lot easier, I have found. Especially once you get into the swing of EC and mainly have pee misses, using training pants are sooooo much easier to pull down and offer […]

Potty Mouths: 07 - Mayim Bialik

Potty Mouths:  07 - Mayim Bialik
Mayim Bialik talks with us about her EC experience.
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