We are officially full-time, hardcore training underpants-wearing ECers right now. Ella Rose (9 months) has become a gung-ho, leave all your cares behind (including pottying) crawling machine. We blow through so many trainers during the day, I had to pull out her brothers’ hand-me-downs which are literally falling apart to add to the […]

More and more dry at 14.5 months old

We are having fewer and fewer misses around here lately. We still miss all the poop. Don’t ask me how that happens! Well, actually, it happens because Henry sits on the potty for about 2 seconds. And then he’s up. I actually ask him to sit back down and “pee […]

16 month update

We went to a music festival in Illinois last week and camped for 5 days.  It seemed to give us a boost in the EC department.  Several days before we went camping Isabela started saying “potty,” which prooved very beneficial as she was pooping 5-6 times/day on our trip.  I don’t know if it was […]