Babywearing Conference in Chicago, Illinois USA

The 2nd Babywearing Conference is now happening, and it’s fun!  I’m at The EC Store booth in the Exhibit Hall at the Student Center at Depaul University in Chicago.  Saturday, Keila will be at the DiaperFreeBaby booth on Saturday.  Saturday from 12-5 PM is free admission to the exhibit hall with lots of community outreach […]

Potty Story Time

I just read a little factoid that the single most important factor in your child’s future success at reading is dependent on your reading out loud to him/her regularly.  I chuckled to myself because Isabela (16 months) and I are reading about 20 times a day due to her love of potty story time.  Her […]

This is Henry’s bladder on dairy…

Due to my daughter’s sensitivity to dairy, I have been largely dairy free for the past several years.  I increased dairy during my pregnancy (cravings…) and immediately after Henry was born (colic!!!! until I quit the dairy).  It gets easier and easier to eat this way, with temptations to “cheat” coming less and less often […]