Jennifer’s Intro

Hi, I’m Jennifer and I live in St. Louis.  My husband and I have ec’d with our daughter, Isabela, since she was one week old.  During my pregnancy my husband told me to look up IPT on the internet and I told him he was nuts.  He had seen something about it on a morning […]

Traveling Laundry Improvisation

We’re staying at some relatives’ house this week.  I forgot to bring my regular laundry detergent with me.  All the trainers and diapers were dirty last night, so I went down to the laundry machines to figure out what to do.  I did a cold rinse with the trainers first.  Then I did a hot […]

The Back Home Blues

Okay, it’s not that bad. But, really, EC while away from home rocks. Whatever the reason–more attentive mama, more attached baby, new surroundings apprehension–things always go better when we are away. Lots of signalling, lots of catches, even some dry nights.
We haven’t gotten into a nighttime potty routine yet. With DS2, […]

Trainers – for the third time – Potty on!!

So, I am using some of my cloth for the third time now. It is a wonderful way to help our children learn to potty. By the third time around, most of my trainers look worn. But, they still look good, if not great. And they all work well. I […]

The shift is happening

Sure enough, we’re on the other side of an EC hump around here.  Now, instead of noting when we catch poops we’re noting when we miss one.  We even had two dry morning diapers this past week.  (Disclaimer: Henry’s night diapers are only on him for about 4-6 hours.  Once I’m in bed with him, […]