Ups and Downs

A quick snapshot of where we are with EC right now…
Henry is almost nine months now.  He’s starting to let go of furniture to stand by himself, and gets up on his feet when crawling (so he crawls on his hands and feet, not knees).  It seems like we have good days and “bad” days […]

Enlightened Potty Pauses

Potty pauses are a perplexing occurance.  Some argue there is no pause, only change, and babies are the embodiment of change.  Frankly, for me I can relate to the term “pause” because it puts a neutral word to my experience.  Some use a more negative word, “strike”, as if the baby had some forethought into […]

Relaxing at the Potty

How does one get started and keep going with a baby that does not signal?
When you take the baby to the potty, try to focus your attention on relaxing *yourself* at the potty. Focus on the enjoyment that you expect in giving your baby an option to his diaper. I don’t know your […]

Happy, indeed.

It’s great to EC. I think I love it so much because misses are not messes. So, catches are fun, really fun, and empowering, and sometimes (especially with a boy) silly.
Today we were driving around neighborhoods looking at houses to get ideas for a house my parents are working on - looking for […]