Potty on!

We have been enjoying our New Years Eve, and I wanted to share a bit about our potty party.  I was amused as we spent a portion of our evening gathered in our bathroom.  The baby and I had made our way to the bathroom as I thought he may need to go, and, well, […]

I made it.

And not having disposables was not a concern at all.  I wasn’t at all worried about the lack of plastic diapers for Henry because I had the following to worry about:
lack of cat litter for the cat
leaving 20 minutes later than planned for the airport
having WAY too much carry-on stuff to lug around
I packed what […]

Thinking about traveling

In less than a week, I’m flying from Chicago to Tampa with a layover in Atlanta.  It’ll be me, my four year old daughter, my seven month old son in my lap, and a three month old kitten.  Without a doubt, it’ll be the biggest adventure my holiday season.
I’d been planning to use a few […]

3 month update

> Age of your EC-child…
3 months
> We started at…
> Generally speaking we are doing…
Great, I can’t imagine doing it differently!
> How do you know your baby has to go? Baby’s signals? Timing?
> Intuition? Is there a difference for poos and pees?
I just take him whenever the thought crosses my mind. I […]

Update on Fiona’s naps, 2 weeks of trainers

So Fiona has been wearing trainers, Poquito Pants, for her naps for 2 weeks now in the hopes that she would start waking up dry and holding her pee for the potty.  She’s 20 months old and my older daughter started waking up dry from her naps spontaneously around 22 months old.  In 14 days […]

Take it off!!

So, I had someone helping me yesterday. She was watching the baby while I was working. She has helped us before, but she has no practical EC’ing experience. I knew my baby boy had not yet pooped that morning, but I did not think to mention what to do should the boy […]

Never Tried EC Before?

For anyone hearing about EC (elimination communication) for the first time or who has been lurking and considering giving it a try, I thought you’d like to know that one of the most Happy Pottying moments for many families happens the first time your infant responds to your cue to go. It is a thrill […]

A transitional period (in poop)

Henry is seven months and started eating some foods in the last few weeks.  He eats a surprisingly large amount, at least compared to my daughter when she was this age.  A lot of the food is coming out pretty much as it goes in, and is interfering with the frequency and regularity of his […]

Laurie’s Intro

Greetings! I’m Laurie Boucke, used ec/ipt with our third son way back in 1979 and absolutely loved it. The momentum has grown a lot over the years. I’m grateful that there are so many parents who have helped educate others about infant pottying and am delighted that Emily and Keila have started this blog.
I’ve been […]

Freddy’s introduction

Hi and thank you very much for letting me post here.
I’m Freddy from Germany and I’ve got 3 children that have been ec-ed - even the third is pretty much done with it now, which is a bit sad… Yes, EC makes you look forward to “potty training” while pregnant and you’ll miss it, when […]