Back in the Nighttime EC Saddle

The past few nights, Henry and I spontaneously decided we were both going to Make The Effort. He woke dry; I woke at all. It may have something to do with the following:

his top two teeth broke through the gums, apparently giving him some relief and ability to sleep for reasonable amounts of […]


We started our EC (Elimination Communication) journey almost four years ago. I was a new mom and enjoyed surfing the internet while I nursed my daughter. My husband was not overly impressed with my surfing (still isn’t – LOL), as I was not figuring out how to make us independently wealthy . . […]

emiLy’s Introduction

I own The EC Store. I have a daughter, Delia, who was born in October 2003. I learned about EC on Kelley Mason’s (inventor of the Kozy Carrier) Enter Gently site when Delia was 8 weeks old and started right away.
I learned about The EC Store the next summer - oddly enough when […]