Hey, it’s me, Gigi.  What an honor to be here with all these awesome ECing mamas. 
I’m Mama to three ECing babies.  Ben is 3 and a half now (but he’ll always be my “baby”), Will is 22 months, and Ella Rose is our newest pottybaby at 6 weeks old.  I found Ahleemah’s ‘Free to EC’ site […]

Who, me, nighttime?

OK, so maybe not on the whole nighttime EC thing. I just simply do not wake up.
To deal with nighttime misses, we sleep on wool. Sometimes we’re directly on our Snugglewool mattress pad. Sometimes there’s a fitted sheet on top of that, and I put a smaller wool blanket or piece of […]

The next step on our EC journey, Fiona’s naps

When I joined the larger Yahoo! EC list a little over 2 years ago (when my oldest was about 1 year old), I thought I was a complete novice at this EC business even though we had be practicing it since Grace was 3 weeks old.  Now, I find that I knew then a lot more than […]

Newborn Junkie ;-)

So, I admit it . . . I *LOVE* the newborn stage. EC from birth to 2 months is amazing, in my opinion. It is in many ways easier for me because there are so few things that a baby that age needs. A newborn needs to pee, poop, nurse and sleep, […]

Charndra’s Introduction

Hi I’m Charndra.
We live in Australia’s capital, Canberra.
We began our ‘EC journey’ in 2005, when Maven was born.
We loved it from the start – we thought every day that our son was a genius and we had so many very useful extra tools by being able to use elimination communication as a bridge of non-verbal […]

Mommy guilt

As much as I would like to say that I am a confident and calm parent, there have been many situations that have challenged my grip on my, lets call it personal serenity. Having children humbles you. Parenting takes a self focused, independent, professional woman and transforms her into a crazy, unshowered hermit.
When […]

A catch 20 minutes in the making

At 8:25 AM, I picked up a whining Henry and brought him to our kitchen sink to pee. His trainers were wet, and had a bit of poop on them, so I figured he probably needed to poop. I gave him a few minutes at the sink with no results. I didn’t […]

Melinda’s introduction

Hi everyone and Happy Pottying!
I’m mom to 3 EC’d children - my first started at 8 months and my other two started at birth. While my two older kids (5 1/4 and 2 3/4) have been graduates for a while, I’m currently EC’ing our littlest one, Leo, who is 2 1/2 months old. Pottying babies […]

Gayleen’s EC intro

I’m Gayleen Carpenter, EC’er, mom to Grace, currently 3 years old and to Fiona, currently 19 months old. I am was invited to be a contributing commentator about our EC journey here at and I’m happy to share our open journey about our EC experience. I live in Fort Collins, Colorado, am […]

Corny Snarts

So, yesterday was the first day that I wore my jeans after having my third child . . .you know that getting into your jeans thing that feels so good after giving birth. I was excited when I put them on to go out for dinner last night. They felt even better today […]