I made it.

And not having disposables was not a concern at all.  I wasn’t at all worried about the lack of plastic diapers for Henry because I had the following to worry about:
lack of cat litter for the cat
leaving 20 minutes later than planned for the airport
having WAY too much carry-on stuff to lug around
I packed what […]

Thinking about traveling

In less than a week, I’m flying from Chicago to Tampa with a layover in Atlanta.  It’ll be me, my four year old daughter, my seven month old son in my lap, and a three month old kitten.  Without a doubt, it’ll be the biggest adventure my holiday season.
I’d been planning to use a few […]

Happenings at The EC Store

I’m giving away EC Advocacy tees - you just pay shipping.
The EC Store 
Happy shopping!

Travel with a 3 month old

We got a bassinet thing before our first was born. It saw some use with our first two, but it is getting way more use now. This time I set it next to the fish tank that always has a pump running for excellent white noise. Additionally, I lined the bottom of […]

Who, me, nighttime?

OK, so maybe not on the whole nighttime EC thing. I just simply do not wake up.
To deal with nighttime misses, we sleep on wool. Sometimes we’re directly on our Snugglewool mattress pad. Sometimes there’s a fitted sheet on top of that, and I put a smaller wool blanket or piece of […]

The next step on our EC journey, Fiona’s naps

When I joined the larger Yahoo! EC list a little over 2 years ago (when my oldest was about 1 year old), I thought I was a complete novice at this EC business even though we had be practicing it since Grace was 3 weeks old.  Now, I find that I knew then a lot more than […]