Buying WAHM EC Baby Pants or Training Pants? 10 Aspects to Consider When Shopping…

Training pants and EC baby pants add to your confidence when helping your baby or toddler wean to regular underwear during your EC journey. There is something oh-so-cute about a baby in regular-looking underpants, with the added bit of wettness protection!

Potty Mouths: All About Trainers

Potty Mouths: All About Trainers
An overview and introduction to training pants for elimination communication.

Baby Wearing and EC - a great ‘tool’ for using less diapers!

I’d like to know your experiences of baby wearing and EC. For me, it is just fantastic at getting the whole ‘EC Thang’ going on so easily.
With Maven I used a Ring Sling from about 7 months, and learning about the ‘Chi Pee’ was an astounding turning point for me. Before then we used pouches […]

EC Pants - Where to get them?

EC Pants Directory
I’ve put this together as a helpful resource for when you want to transition out of diapers or nappies.
EC Pants are just a lot easier, I have found. Especially once you get into the swing of EC and mainly have pee misses, using training pants are sooooo much easier to pull down and offer […]

Potty Mouths: 07 - Mayim Bialik

Potty Mouths:  07 - Mayim Bialik
Mayim Bialik talks with us about her EC experience.
Blossom TV Show
Continuum Concept
Diaper Free!
Potty Bowl
Mothering Dot Commune message boards
Prefold belt
The Baby Book: Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby from Birth to Age Two
Dr. Jay Gordon
La Leche League
Note about the quality:  Sorry for the intermittent blips!  We have figured […]

Potty Mouths: All About Potties

Potty Mouths: All About Potties
Tips, tricks, and discussion of all the popular EC potties.
I mistakenly linked this from All About Food Sensitivities in the iTunes feed last week, so here it is for real!
Potty Time at The EC Store

Babywearing Conference in Chicago, Illinois USA

The 2nd Babywearing Conference is now happening, and it’s fun!  I’m at The EC Store booth in the Exhibit Hall at the Student Center at Depaul University in Chicago.  Saturday, Keila will be at the DiaperFreeBaby booth on Saturday.  Saturday from 12-5 PM is free admission to the exhibit hall with lots of community outreach […]

Trainers – for the third time – Potty on!!

So, I am using some of my cloth for the third time now. It is a wonderful way to help our children learn to potty. By the third time around, most of my trainers look worn. But, they still look good, if not great. And they all work well. I […]

Hopefully the start of a trend…

Henry pooped in the toilet this morning, my husband happily reported. “And he’s been dry since!”
It’s been a LONG time since we caught a poo around here. Probably at least 3 weeks.
I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Henry has been taking his first steps over the last 2-3 days. Hopefully now […]

Ups and Downs

A quick snapshot of where we are with EC right now…
Henry is almost nine months now.  He’s starting to let go of furniture to stand by himself, and gets up on his feet when crawling (so he crawls on his hands and feet, not knees).  It seems like we have good days and “bad” days […]