Take it off!!

So, I had someone helping me yesterday. She was watching the baby while I was working. She has helped us before, but she has no practical EC’ing experience. I knew my baby boy had not yet pooped that morning, but I did not think to mention what to do should the boy […]

A transitional period (in poop)

Henry is seven months and started eating some foods in the last few weeks.  He eats a surprisingly large amount, at least compared to my daughter when she was this age.  A lot of the food is coming out pretty much as it goes in, and is interfering with the frequency and regularity of his […]

Corny Snarts

So, yesterday was the first day that I wore my jeans after having my third child . . .you know that getting into your jeans thing that feels so good after giving birth. I was excited when I put them on to go out for dinner last night. They felt even better today […]