Potty Mouths: 02 - Host Introductions continued

02 - Host Introductions continued
emiLy and Keila continue to introduce themselves.
emiLy’s Favorite EC Pants waterproof cloth training pants
Infant sized Prefold Cloth Diaper
Baby Bjorn Little Potty
Lots of cloth trainers!
DiaperFreeBabyOnline  - chats available twice a month

Potty Mouths: 01 - Host Introductions

Potty Mouths: 01 - Host Introductions
emiLy’s store - The EC Store
Embarrass, MN
Keila’s site - Born to Potty
Metropolis, IL
Babywearing Yahoo! Group  ( The Babywearer is a more popular babywearing resource these days.)
Kozy Carrier
Kelley Mason’s Enter Gently site
The picture we talk about in this episode:
Jane at 15 months wearing lots of wool!
Free to EC […]

Jennifer’s Intro

Hi, I’m Jennifer and I live in St. Louis.  My husband and I have ec’d with our daughter, Isabela, since she was one week old.  During my pregnancy my husband told me to look up IPT on the internet and I told him he was nuts.  He had seen something about it on a morning […]

Laurie’s Intro

Greetings! I’m Laurie Boucke, used ec/ipt with our third son way back in 1979 and absolutely loved it. The momentum has grown a lot over the years. I’m grateful that there are so many parents who have helped educate others about infant pottying and am delighted that Emily and Keila have started this blog.
I’ve been […]


Hey, it’s me, Gigi.  What an honor to be here with all these awesome ECing mamas. 
I’m Mama to three ECing babies.  Ben is 3 and a half now (but he’ll always be my “baby”), Will is 22 months, and Ella Rose is our newest pottybaby at 6 weeks old.  I found Ahleemah’s ‘Free to EC’ site […]

Charndra’s Introduction

Hi I’m Charndra.
We live in Australia’s capital, Canberra.
We began our ‘EC journey’ in 2005, when Maven was born.
We loved it from the start – we thought every day that our son was a genius and we had so many very useful extra tools by being able to use elimination communication as a bridge of non-verbal […]

Melinda’s introduction

Hi everyone and Happy Pottying!
I’m mom to 3 EC’d children - my first started at 8 months and my other two started at birth. While my two older kids (5 1/4 and 2 3/4) have been graduates for a while, I’m currently EC’ing our littlest one, Leo, who is 2 1/2 months old. Pottying babies […]

Gayleen’s EC intro

I’m Gayleen Carpenter, EC’er, mom to Grace, currently 3 years old and to Fiona, currently 19 months old. I am was invited to be a contributing commentator about our EC journey here at HappyPottying.com and I’m happy to share our open journey about our EC experience. I live in Fort Collins, Colorado, am […]


We started our EC (Elimination Communication) journey almost four years ago. I was a new mom and enjoyed surfing the internet while I nursed my daughter. My husband was not overly impressed with my surfing (still isn’t – LOL), as I was not figuring out how to make us independently wealthy . . […]

emiLy’s Introduction

I own The EC Store. I have a daughter, Delia, who was born in October 2003. I learned about EC on Kelley Mason’s (inventor of the Kozy Carrier) Enter Gently site when Delia was 8 weeks old and started right away.
I learned about The EC Store the next summer - oddly enough when […]