Potty Mouths: All About Travel

Potty Mouths: All About Travel
Baby Bjorn Little Potty
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Potty Turtlenecks
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Potty Bowl

16 month update

We went to a music festival in Illinois last week and camped for 5 days.  It seemed to give us a boost in the EC department.  Several days before we went camping Isabela started saying “potty,” which prooved very beneficial as she was pooping 5-6 times/day on our trip.  I don’t know if it was […]

Babywearing Conference in Chicago, Illinois USA

The 2nd Babywearing Conference is now happening, and it’s fun!  I’m at The EC Store booth in the Exhibit Hall at the Student Center at Depaul University in Chicago.  Saturday, Keila will be at the DiaperFreeBaby booth on Saturday.  Saturday from 12-5 PM is free admission to the exhibit hall with lots of community outreach […]

Potty Story Time

I just read a little factoid that the single most important factor in your child’s future success at reading is dependent on your reading out loud to him/her regularly.  I chuckled to myself because Isabela (16 months) and I are reading about 20 times a day due to her love of potty story time.  Her […]

Traveling Laundry Improvisation

We’re staying at some relatives’ house this week.  I forgot to bring my regular laundry detergent with me.  All the trainers and diapers were dirty last night, so I went down to the laundry machines to figure out what to do.  I did a cold rinse with the trainers first.  Then I did a hot […]

The Back Home Blues

Okay, it’s not that bad. But, really, EC while away from home rocks. Whatever the reason–more attentive mama, more attached baby, new surroundings apprehension–things always go better when we are away. Lots of signalling, lots of catches, even some dry nights.
We haven’t gotten into a nighttime potty routine yet. With DS2, […]

Road Trip!

This is actually a photo from December, when Baby was just 2 months old, but it’s a foreshadow of times to come. She’ll be taking her first road trip this week. We’ll be travelling for the better part of 17 hours over two days. I do love outdoor pottying, but I have […]

Happy, indeed.

It’s great to EC. I think I love it so much because misses are not messes. So, catches are fun, really fun, and empowering, and sometimes (especially with a boy) silly.
Today we were driving around neighborhoods looking at houses to get ideas for a house my parents are working on - looking for […]

I made it.

And not having disposables was not a concern at all.  I wasn’t at all worried about the lack of plastic diapers for Henry because I had the following to worry about:
lack of cat litter for the cat
leaving 20 minutes later than planned for the airport
having WAY too much carry-on stuff to lug around
I packed what […]

Thinking about traveling

In less than a week, I’m flying from Chicago to Tampa with a layover in Atlanta.  It’ll be me, my four year old daughter, my seven month old son in my lap, and a three month old kitten.  Without a doubt, it’ll be the biggest adventure my holiday season.
I’d been planning to use a few […]