Potty Mouths: All About Getting Started

All About Getting Started
Tips and tricks for starting to practice elimination communication.

Our podcast about Elimination Communication!

Introducing Potty Mouths, the podcast for Elimination Communication!  We have been having so much fun recording, and are extremely excited to share the first few episodes with you now!
Join us as we discuss all aspects of infant potty training, conduct interviews with other ECing parents, and share core EC tips and tricks in shorter, focused […]

Potty Mouths: All About Cold Weather

Potty Mouths: All About Cold Weather
Things we talk about in this episode:
Open Crotch Wool Leggings
Smartwool Baby / Toddler Socks - The socks and booties on this page have rubber grippies on the bottom.
Smartwool Kid Socks - The socks on these pages do not have rubber grippies.  In my experience, the size XS does fit shoe […]

Potty Mouths: All About Travel

Potty Mouths: All About Travel
Baby Bjorn Little Potty
Wool Mat
Potty Turtlenecks
Ziploc container
Potty Bowl

Potty Story Time

I just read a little factoid that the single most important factor in your child’s future success at reading is dependent on your reading out loud to him/her regularly.  I chuckled to myself because Isabela (16 months) and I are reading about 20 times a day due to her love of potty story time.  Her […]

Enlightened Potty Pauses

Potty pauses are a perplexing occurance.  Some argue there is no pause, only change, and babies are the embodiment of change.  Frankly, for me I can relate to the term “pause” because it puts a neutral word to my experience.  Some use a more negative word, “strike”, as if the baby had some forethought into […]

Relaxing at the Potty

How does one get started and keep going with a baby that does not signal?
When you take the baby to the potty, try to focus your attention on relaxing *yourself* at the potty. Focus on the enjoyment that you expect in giving your baby an option to his diaper. I don’t know your […]

Thinking about traveling

In less than a week, I’m flying from Chicago to Tampa with a layover in Atlanta.  It’ll be me, my four year old daughter, my seven month old son in my lap, and a three month old kitten.  Without a doubt, it’ll be the biggest adventure my holiday season.
I’d been planning to use a few […]

Take it off!!

So, I had someone helping me yesterday. She was watching the baby while I was working. She has helped us before, but she has no practical EC’ing experience. I knew my baby boy had not yet pooped that morning, but I did not think to mention what to do should the boy […]

A transitional period (in poop)

Henry is seven months and started eating some foods in the last few weeks.  He eats a surprisingly large amount, at least compared to my daughter when she was this age.  A lot of the food is coming out pretty much as it goes in, and is interfering with the frequency and regularity of his […]