How Do Other Families Practice Elimination Communication?

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 Discover great new tips on how to do Baby Pottying by learning from the stories of families practicing EC part time, full time or casually.
 From one baby to eight children, people are incorporating some EC into their days to reduce waste, save money and reduce washing!
 From New […]

Buying WAHM EC Baby Pants or Training Pants? 10 Aspects to Consider When Shopping…

Training pants and EC baby pants add to your confidence when helping your baby or toddler wean to regular underwear during your EC journey. There is something oh-so-cute about a baby in regular-looking underpants, with the added bit of wettness protection!

Potty Mouths: All About Trainers

Potty Mouths: All About Trainers
An overview and introduction to training pants for elimination communication.

Potty Mouths: All About Newborn EC

Potty Mouths:  All About Newborn EC
Tips and tricks for practicing elimination communication with a newborn - one of our favorite times to do EC!

Proto-sounds and proto-words at four months?

Wow, I have been paying close attention and focussing on Jett’s ‘proto sounds’ (early vocalisations / communications) for a while - in little ‘practice windows’ when we are together and focussed on each other and feeling quite connected.
Just now (I was asleep having a nap nurse with him before this) I awoke to him cooing […]

Baby Wearing and EC - a great ‘tool’ for using less diapers!

I’d like to know your experiences of baby wearing and EC. For me, it is just fantastic at getting the whole ‘EC Thang’ going on so easily.
With Maven I used a Ring Sling from about 7 months, and learning about the ‘Chi Pee’ was an astounding turning point for me. Before then we used pouches […]

EC Pants - Where to get them?

EC Pants Directory
I’ve put this together as a helpful resource for when you want to transition out of diapers or nappies.
EC Pants are just a lot easier, I have found. Especially once you get into the swing of EC and mainly have pee misses, using training pants are sooooo much easier to pull down and offer […]

Potty Mouths: All About Food Sensitivities

Potty Mouths: All About Food Sensitivities
Tips and tricks to help you recognize, find, and live with food sensitivities.

Potty Mouths: All About Potty Pauses

Potty Mouths: All About Potty Pauses

Potty Mouths: 03 - ECing with babies 13-19 months old

03 - ECing with babies 13-19 months old
Discussion about ECing during 13-19 months.