Potty Mouths: All About Food Sensitivities

Potty Mouths: All About Food Sensitivities
Tips and tricks to help you recognize, find, and live with food sensitivities.

The Back Home Blues

Okay, it’s not that bad. But, really, EC while away from home rocks. Whatever the reason–more attentive mama, more attached baby, new surroundings apprehension–things always go better when we are away. Lots of signalling, lots of catches, even some dry nights.
We haven’t gotten into a nighttime potty routine yet. With DS2, […]

Ups and Downs

A quick snapshot of where we are with EC right now…
Henry is almost nine months now.  He’s starting to let go of furniture to stand by himself, and gets up on his feet when crawling (so he crawls on his hands and feet, not knees).  It seems like we have good days and “bad” days […]

Travel with a 3 month old

We got a bassinet thing before our first was born. It saw some use with our first two, but it is getting way more use now. This time I set it next to the fish tank that always has a pump running for excellent white noise. Additionally, I lined the bottom of […]

Who, me, nighttime?

OK, so maybe not on the whole nighttime EC thing. I just simply do not wake up.
To deal with nighttime misses, we sleep on wool. Sometimes we’re directly on our Snugglewool mattress pad. Sometimes there’s a fitted sheet on top of that, and I put a smaller wool blanket or piece of […]

Back in the Nighttime EC Saddle

The past few nights, Henry and I spontaneously decided we were both going to Make The Effort. He woke dry; I woke at all. It may have something to do with the following:

his top two teeth broke through the gums, apparently giving him some relief and ability to sleep for reasonable amounts of […]