Wheat sensitivity - causing weeing incontinence.

Maven was sensitive to wheat. If I had *too much*, he would pee like a fountain for several hours.
 One particular time when he was about 9 or 10 months old, I had wholemeal pancakes that I had made in a sour-dough style, thinking perhaps that would help. Well, and at first he would signal well […]

Potty Mouths: 04 - emiLy’s Food Sensitivity Saga

Potty Mouths: 04 - emiLy’s Food Sensitivity Saga

This is Henry’s bladder on dairy…

Due to my daughter’s sensitivity to dairy, I have been largely dairy free for the past several years.  I increased dairy during my pregnancy (cravings…) and immediately after Henry was born (colic!!!! until I quit the dairy).  It gets easier and easier to eat this way, with temptations to “cheat” coming less and less often […]

Corny Snarts

So, yesterday was the first day that I wore my jeans after having my third child . . .you know that getting into your jeans thing that feels so good after giving birth. I was excited when I put them on to go out for dinner last night. They felt even better today […]