The shift is happening

Sure enough, we’re on the other side of an EC hump around here.  Now, instead of noting when we catch poops we’re noting when we miss one.  We even had two dry morning diapers this past week.  (Disclaimer: Henry’s night diapers are only on him for about 4-6 hours.  Once I’m in bed with him, […]

Road Trip!

This is actually a photo from December, when Baby was just 2 months old, but it’s a foreshadow of times to come. She’ll be taking her first road trip this week. We’ll be travelling for the better part of 17 hours over two days. I do love outdoor pottying, but I have […]

Relaxing at the Potty

How does one get started and keep going with a baby that does not signal?
When you take the baby to the potty, try to focus your attention on relaxing *yourself* at the potty. Focus on the enjoyment that you expect in giving your baby an option to his diaper. I don’t know your […]

Potty on!

We have been enjoying our New Years Eve, and I wanted to share a bit about our potty party.  I was amused as we spent a portion of our evening gathered in our bathroom.  The baby and I had made our way to the bathroom as I thought he may need to go, and, well, […]

I made it.

And not having disposables was not a concern at all.  I wasn’t at all worried about the lack of plastic diapers for Henry because I had the following to worry about:
lack of cat litter for the cat
leaving 20 minutes later than planned for the airport
having WAY too much carry-on stuff to lug around
I packed what […]

Take it off!!

So, I had someone helping me yesterday. She was watching the baby while I was working. She has helped us before, but she has no practical EC’ing experience. I knew my baby boy had not yet pooped that morning, but I did not think to mention what to do should the boy […]

Travel with a 3 month old

We got a bassinet thing before our first was born. It saw some use with our first two, but it is getting way more use now. This time I set it next to the fish tank that always has a pump running for excellent white noise. Additionally, I lined the bottom of […]

Newborn Junkie ;-)

So, I admit it . . . I *LOVE* the newborn stage. EC from birth to 2 months is amazing, in my opinion. It is in many ways easier for me because there are so few things that a baby that age needs. A newborn needs to pee, poop, nurse and sleep, […]