How Do Other Families Practice Elimination Communication?

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 Discover great new tips on how to do Baby Pottying by learning from the stories of families practicing EC part time, full time or casually.
 From one baby to eight children, people are incorporating some EC into their days to reduce waste, save money and reduce washing!
 From New […]

Proto-sounds and proto-words at four months?

Wow, I have been paying close attention and focussing on Jett’s ‘proto sounds’ (early vocalisations / communications) for a while - in little ‘practice windows’ when we are together and focussed on each other and feeling quite connected.
Just now (I was asleep having a nap nurse with him before this) I awoke to him cooing […]

Baby Wearing and EC - a great ‘tool’ for using less diapers!

I’d like to know your experiences of baby wearing and EC. For me, it is just fantastic at getting the whole ‘EC Thang’ going on so easily.
With Maven I used a Ring Sling from about 7 months, and learning about the ‘Chi Pee’ was an astounding turning point for me. Before then we used pouches […]

Potty Music

If you have been to any DiaperFreeBabyOnline chat meetings lately, you may have heard me say that I do NOT enjoy this stage of EC.  There are SO many things going on, like teething, mobility changes, and communication jumps.  My kids seem to hit this stage in stride by refusing potty offers and little concern […]

17 months diaper free time

Not sure why, just left the trainers off today.  Henry had a bit of poop in his diaper this morning, and I wanted the rest of this poop on the kitchen floor instead of smashed in a trainer.  So I left them off.
He peed on the kitchen counter once.
He pooped some on the kitchen floor.
He […]


We are officially full-time, hardcore training underpants-wearing ECers right now. Ella Rose (9 months) has become a gung-ho, leave all your cares behind (including pottying) crawling machine. We blow through so many trainers during the day, I had to pull out her brothers’ hand-me-downs which are literally falling apart to add to the […]

Potty Story Time

I just read a little factoid that the single most important factor in your child’s future success at reading is dependent on your reading out loud to him/her regularly.  I chuckled to myself because Isabela (16 months) and I are reading about 20 times a day due to her love of potty story time.  Her […]

Happy Earth Day!! (1 day late…)

 So my husband and I set up a booth for DiaperFreeBaby at the St. Louis Earth Day festival on Sunday.  We had a great time talking to people about EC and how much of a positive impact it can have on the environment.  Most people who stopped by were open to the idea of ECing. […]

The Back Home Blues

Okay, it’s not that bad. But, really, EC while away from home rocks. Whatever the reason–more attentive mama, more attached baby, new surroundings apprehension–things always go better when we are away. Lots of signalling, lots of catches, even some dry nights.
We haven’t gotten into a nighttime potty routine yet. With DS2, […]

Trainers – for the third time – Potty on!!

So, I am using some of my cloth for the third time now. It is a wonderful way to help our children learn to potty. By the third time around, most of my trainers look worn. But, they still look good, if not great. And they all work well. I […]