Letting go of Expectations

Isabela is a little over 20 months now.  She is very consistent with telling me that she needs to use the potty when it come to poops.  She’s also starting to tell me more often for pees as well, which is great!  We are having more and more dry days, and most nights are dry […]

Potty Mouths: 03 - ECing with babies 13-19 months old

03 - ECing with babies 13-19 months old
Discussion about ECing during 13-19 months.

Wow! Over 24 hours with no misses!

I broke my washing machine last week.
So I’ve been doing lots and lots of nakey butt time to avoid laundry.  Now, at some stages nakey butt time increases laundry because misses often require a prefold for mopping up and maybe washing a blanket or mat or whatever gets peed on.  But at some point, nakey […]

17 months diaper free time

Not sure why, just left the trainers off today.  Henry had a bit of poop in his diaper this morning, and I wanted the rest of this poop on the kitchen floor instead of smashed in a trainer.  So I left them off.
He peed on the kitchen counter once.
He pooped some on the kitchen floor.
He […]