Our podcast about Elimination Communication!

Introducing Potty Mouths, the podcast for Elimination Communication!  We have been having so much fun recording, and are extremely excited to share the first few episodes with you now!
Join us as we discuss all aspects of infant potty training, conduct interviews with other ECing parents, and share core EC tips and tricks in shorter, focused […]

Caught a poop!

I hope this is the start of something good…  This afternoon Henry sat on a little potty and pooped!  YAY!  I can’t remember the last time he pooped anywhere but his trainers and… the floor.  Ugh.
I really hope this is the first of many poop catches.

More and more dry at 14.5 months old

We are having fewer and fewer misses around here lately. We still miss all the poop. Don’t ask me how that happens! Well, actually, it happens because Henry sits on the potty for about 2 seconds. And then he’s up. I actually ask him to sit back down and “pee […]

Babywearing Conference in Chicago, Illinois USA

The 2nd Babywearing Conference is now happening, and it’s fun!  I’m at The EC Store booth in the Exhibit Hall at the Student Center at Depaul University in Chicago.  Saturday, Keila will be at the DiaperFreeBaby booth on Saturday.  Saturday from 12-5 PM is free admission to the exhibit hall with lots of community outreach […]

Potty Story Time

I just read a little factoid that the single most important factor in your child’s future success at reading is dependent on your reading out loud to him/her regularly.  I chuckled to myself because Isabela (16 months) and I are reading about 20 times a day due to her love of potty story time.  Her […]

First Independent Potty Moments

In the past two weeks, it has seemed time to have a Little Potty around the living room for Henry. I haven’t up to this point because it was always easier to take him to the bathroom and use the seat reducer. But now he is walking really well, and he has used […]

Happy Earth Day!! (1 day late…)

 So my husband and I set up a booth for DiaperFreeBaby at the St. Louis Earth Day festival on Sunday.  We had a great time talking to people about EC and how much of a positive impact it can have on the environment.  Most people who stopped by were open to the idea of ECing. […]

The shift is happening

Sure enough, we’re on the other side of an EC hump around here.  Now, instead of noting when we catch poops we’re noting when we miss one.  We even had two dry morning diapers this past week.  (Disclaimer: Henry’s night diapers are only on him for about 4-6 hours.  Once I’m in bed with him, […]

Fiona’s naps, still not dry

So Fiona has been using EC Store side snap trainers with a waterproof cover pant for naps for about 3 months now.  She’s showing signs of better bladder controll during sleep.  In the last 3-4 weeks I would say she’s dry when she wakes up about 50% of the time.  Which is better than 5% […]

Ups and Downs

A quick snapshot of where we are with EC right now…
Henry is almost nine months now.  He’s starting to let go of furniture to stand by himself, and gets up on his feet when crawling (so he crawls on his hands and feet, not knees).  It seems like we have good days and “bad” days […]